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Bart De Smet Chairman of the Board of Directors

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We believe that a strong culture of corporate governance and ethical behaviour is fundamental to the way we do business

1. Governance charter

Ageas is an international group with a Belgian parent company to which the Belgian Code on Corporate Governance applies.

Based on this code, Ageas has developed its own governance charter that serves as a guide for Ageas’s governance and sets the principles of business conduct.

Whenever needed, the Charter will be supplemented with factual disclosures on Ageas governance in the Annual Report, and with other official disclosures on Ageas governance.

Corporate Governance Charter Corporate Governance Charter
Code of Conduct Code of Conduct

2. Articles of association

ageas SA/NV is incorporated in Belgium, with its registered office at Bolwerklaan / Avenue du Boulevard 21 – 1210  Brussels. 

Articles of Association Articles of Association

3. Simplification of the legal structure
In 2012 Ageas finalised the simplification of its legal structure and the reverse stock split. At the Extraordinary General Meetings of Shareholders held on 28 and 29 June 2012, the shareholders passed resolutions approving the proposal to merge ageas SA/NV and ageas N.V. and the merger proposal to carry out a reverse stock split at a ratio of 1 for 10, subject to suspensive conditions. The suspensive conditions were met on time and both resolutions entered into effect as foreseen on 7 August 2012.

Prospectus Prospectus
IRS Form 8937 IRS Form 8937